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Think Before You Move: Divorce and Relocation

Once the dust clears after a divorce, the prospect of starting over in a new place can seem pretty appealing. But child custody issues can cloud the pathway out of town, especially in Texas. In basic divorce cases with to two able parents, Texas courts generally award divorcing parents “joint managing conservatorship.” That means both … Read More

The Rules of Engagement: In Case of Breakup, Who Gets the Ring?

For Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, the matter of who gets the ring when an engagement ends is simple: “The laws of etiquette absolutely require you to return an engagement ring when the engagement is broken, for whatever reason, and by however nasty a fiancé.” State laws are not quite that absolute. And, as seems … Read More

Dividing the Dog: The Challenges of Pet Custody

If you’re a pet parent like I am, you already know that the animal-human bond is strong, often outlasting bonds between people. That’s why issues of pet custody often are complex and emotional for divorcing couples. Dogs and cats are members of the family in the eyes of their owners, and judges and divorce mediators … Read More

Dividing the Debt In Divorce

If you’re contemplating divorce, you’ve probably thought a lot about dividing your marital assets. But what about your debts? Will they be divided fairly as well? And what is “fairly,” if one party accumulated more debt than the other? First, take a look at the kind of debt you have, as individuals and as a … Read More

Will Power: Revising Your Final Wishes During Divorce

The divorce process is fraught with paperwork — a lot of legal changes need to be made in order to give each partner independent status. Your will may be the last thing on your mind — but it shouldn’t be. Chances are that your spouse was primary beneficiary of your will while the marriage was … Read More

What’s Up With Postnups?

Prenuptial agreements are fairly common these days, with many couples choosing to address practical issues of rights and responsibilities in writing before they are married. But plenty of things change during the course of a marriage. Unless a pretty talented psychic wrote the prenup, chances are it doesn’t cover what happens after the wedding. That’s … Read More

Divorce in the time of social media

The simplest advice I can give you about posting to online media during divorce proceedings is this: Don’t. Of course, that may be easier said than done. If we routinely use social media to connect with friends and family, reaching out online when we need their support seems natural. Sometimes, though, we post without considering … Read More